Lourdes Tomás

Lourdes Tomás

Doctor, Speaker and Educator. "Medical Mentor" President.


Lourdes Tomás is a family doctor, a cardiovascular diseases doctor, and founder of the Médico Mentor firm, where she carries out her vision of a new model of health. She wants to train people in health and make them more aware so as to achieve a medical model based on the promotion of health and a therapeutic approach that is more integrated, humane, social, pro-active and sustainable.

Recognized as a 2017 Líder Saludable in Spain for her work in raising awareness in the business and social fields, she has participated in more than 380 events. She has worked on a national and international level with companies like Grupo Santander, Inditex, Allianz, Siemens and Ferrovial, where she makes people more aware of life habits that promote their current health and prevent future illnesses.

Since 2019, Dr. Tomás has been an associate professor and member of the global network of experts at Headspring by Financial Times | IE Business School in health and wellbeing programs.

She is author of the book La Salud, tu mejor talento (seven editions), a practical guide to achieving an optimum level of health.

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