Aitor Sánchez

Aitor Sánchez

Dietitian-Nutritionist and Food Technologist. Author of "Mi dieta cojea".


Aitor Sánchez is a dietitian-nutritionist, food technologist, researcher, educator, trainer and volunteer. He started his career in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Alicante and is currently getting his Ph.D. in Human Nutrition (University of Granada) on Food Education in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science of the Faculty of Pharmacy. There he serves within the FPU Predoctoral Program (University Teacher Training) of the Ministry of Education, within the Area of Public Health and Epidemiology.

He also works as a collaborator in Radio Nacional de España, in the program “Esto me suena: Las tardes de ciudadano García”and in Melodía FM, in the program “Lo Mejor Que te Puede Pasar”. He has also worked on other audiovisual projects such as “TIPS” show for La 2.

In September 2016, he launched together with the Paidós collection of the Editorial Planeta Mi Dieta Cojea, los mitos sobre Nutrición que te han hecho creer“.

He is currently professionally dedicated to nutrition evangelist in the media, conferences and trainings, in addition to co-directing  Centro de Nutrición Aleris in Madrid.

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